How to share a Reward Code with Google+

Reward codes are set-up in MyLeadPod app. Registered Business Users who have paid their invoices are able to register a Reward Code to enable their customers to send them leads for new business by entering the Reward Code in MyLeadPod.

These Rewards codes can be forwarded in various ways:

  • By adding the HTML link to our website or mail-outs
  • By sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+

This article explains how to hare your Reward Code on Google+


View Reward Code created

  1. Click My Business
  2. Click Rewards Codes

A list of Active Reward Codes is displayed. Click view next to the Reward code you want to share.

The Reward Code View Page is opened. From here you can share the Link address and share on social media.

Click on the Google+ icon to share information about your MyLeadPod Reward Code.


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